Wringinanom, Poncokusumo

Whenever I go for any outing regardless of the purpose such as hiking, backpacking and vacation, I will make an effort to embrace and get to know the daily life of surrounding areas. We enjoyed our time strolling around Kersik Tuo, Kayu Aro, Kerinci when we climbed Mount Kerinci, Jambi.

For our mission to scale Mount Semeru, we stayed at Wringinanom, Poncokusumo, Malang. It is a serene village with houses located along Jalan Raya Kunci Wringinanom.

Since it is located at highland, the temperature is quite low and it was so cold during the day and colder at night. I managed to capture several photos around the village.

Masjid Sabilul Muttaqin
Evacuation Route.
Our transport.
Our basecamp.
Simple shop and coffee house.
The main road of Jalan Raya Kunci.
Primary school, SDN I Wringinanom.
We hijacked motorcycle owned by local.
Serene dust.
Our favourite, Indomaret.
Mini petrol pump.
Main road Jalan Raya Kunci Wringinanom
Beautiful masjid.
Bakso and Mie Ayam.

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