There are a lot of apps that you can use to assist you while traveling in New Zealand. For me, there are 4 apps that you must download as it would tremendously help you while on the go.


CamperMate is an Australia and New Zealand Camping app that is loaded with info on the camping ground and the facilites. You can get a detail info on the nearest camp ground for your campervan varying from the basic camps to the full-fledged camps. You may explore the vicinity area by using the app and you can make a deal straight away through the app even it is last minute booking. It is so convenient as the info provided is very detail.


Rankers is another app that provides full service for camping, campervan and local activities. Unlike CamperMate, you may book your campervan through Rankers with the best price from several quotations. It also offers many discounts and attractive packages.


GASPY is New Zealand’s original fuel finding app that tells you where the cheapest fuel is in your area. You may get the best price within your area. It is crucial to get the best price as it would affect your budget tremendously.

Bookme NZ

For a budget traveler, you may find this app is very useful as it offers good discount for your activities. You may get attractive price for adventure, activities, tours, attractions and restaurants.

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