Me enjoying Maggi Curry Cup and coffee entire day.

Halal food is basically a little bit difficult to find especially if you are not doing enough research and not really familiar with the places that you go. We were facing quite a difficult time finding Halal food in the beginning for a few days.

We really depends on hot coffee to make ourselves full and due to cold weather as well.

Our breakfast and lunch in Northern Explorer Train.

When we were travelling by train with Northern Explorer Train for about 9 hours, we just ate muffin, Anzac cookies and drank coffees due to unavailability of Halal Food.

Fresh Roasted Coffee at Cookie Time, Queenstown.
Wide choices of ice cream.

Our journey at South Island was overall on campervan. Hence, we have the luxury to cook in our kitchen. We bought all the groceries from PAK’nSAVE. We bought halal chicken from Tegel that you may find it at PAK’nSAVE.

Roti telur and kek coklat for our breakfast. We cook in our campervan.
Chicken that we bought from PAK’nSAVE. Tegal Brand.
Enjoying Kapiti Ice Cream at Devonport.
Ice cream again at Patagonia Chocolates, Arrowtown.

Hence, it is vital to plan and doing enough research for Halal food. You may refer several links below for further information.


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