Marakau – What the fish

Marakau Village is a small village located approximately 4.0 km or 10 minutes from Ranau Town. The village is well known for its fish conservation in the river called Bombon.

There are many types of fishes conserved in the river.

There are about 20 types of fish and the main types are Ikan Koi, Ikan Kelah, Ikan Lampan and Belut. It is interesting as the size of the fish is massive.

Ikan Koi.

The entrance fee is RM4 for local adults, RM 2 for local children and Rm 5 for the foreigner. The food to feed the fish is free once you pay the entrance fee. There is no time limit for the feeding session and you will be assisted with the workers who are the local villagers. You must put off your shoes before enter the river.

It did not bite apparently.

I am actually not really eager on this activity as I am tickled with fish, let alone feed them with my bare hand. Anyhow, I still proceed. Haha. Surprisingly, it was fun and the fishes didn’t bite and just felt a little ticklish.

Not really my thing.
But I tried.

We enjoyed very much and it was really unforgettable experience.

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