The Majestic Mount Kinabalu – Part 3

Standing at the highest point of Malaysia and one of the highest points in South East Asia made me feel overwhelmed and gave me a huge satisfaction after all the effort taken.

After taking many photos at Low’s peak, I slowly descended and took my time to take more photos as I was captivated with the peaks at the top of the mountain and the formation of the clouds. I took quite some time enjoying the view and taking many photos until I realized that I was already left behind and separated from other team members.

The journey descending down was awesome as the view was magnificent. It was about 8.00 am and you can see clearly the trail compared to when you climb up in the dark and I was wondering how could I managed to climb on that day as some part of the trail was quite steep looks impossible to climb.

At Sayat-Sayat Checkpoint, everyone must show their name tags the same as during ascending so as to ensure that no one left behind at the peak.

Other than that, I managed to spot several peaks and I will further share the peaks and the name of it in other post. Along the way, I also managed to spot the trace and the remaining of fallen rocks and boulders that broke and fell off from the Donkey Ear’s peak in the 2015’s earthquake that struck Ranau. The gigantic boulders are evident on how severe the incident was and I could not imagine the day of the catastrophe. I will share the incident in other post.

You must walk fast and not loitering around the falling rock area as there were many loose rocks at the area and I myself could notice the loose rock from afar.

The journey descending down was quite okay except that I felt dizzy and I think it was due to altitude sickness. Anyhow, I still continue the journey even though the dizziness getting stronger.

After Sayat-Sayat Checkpoint, you will see many beautiful plants and flowers and I was enchanted with the whole landscape of the mountain. The thick mist further adding the beauty of the landscape.

Since we took quite a long time to descend down, I almost forgot that everyone must check out from the Pana Laban Resthouse before 10.30 am or otherwise you need to pay quite a hefty penalty.

Luckily, we reached Pana Laban exactly at 10.30 am and frantically packing up. We managed to get our breakfast at the cafe even though breakfast is actually ended at 10.30 am.

I still felt dizzy while having breakfast and it was getting stronger. Anyhow, we still need to descend down to Timpohon Gate as the cut off time to reach Timpohon Gate is 4.30 pm. Additional charges will be imposed if you reach later than 4.30 pm.

With dizziness and sore legs, I continue the journey. The descending was quite difficult and I could not believe how could I climb it in the first place. The walking stick will help much during descend. We stop at every shelter because it was raining heavily and we tried to take a good breather.

Finally, we reached Timpohon Gate even though it was slightly late but there were no additional charges imposed on us. I feel relieved and glad as we managed to reach Timpohon Gate safely.

You will get a certificate on the accomplishment of the mission and you may buy the medal for RM28.

All in all, it was a fun trip and I could say it is a lifetime experience for everyone but I will definitely come again as Mount Kinabalu is so beautiful and has its owns charm. See you again Akinabalu.

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