The Majestic Mount Kinabalu – Part 2

The Pana Laban Basecamp (3272.7m) is a basecamp that is located at the middle of both trails to the Low’s Peak. It consists of several accommodations such as Waras Hut, Lemaing Hut, Pendant Hut, Gunting Lagadan Hut, Panar Laban Hut, Burlington Hut, and Laban Rata Resthouse. I will further share about Pana Laban Basecamp in the separate entry. These huts provide overnight accommodation for climbers, inclusive of shower facilities. The condition at Pana Laban was so cold to the extent that I abhorred the floor as seems like you step on the ice.

Once, I reached Pana Laban, I straightly went to Café at Pana Laban Resthouse where they serve the buffet meal starting at 4.30 pm. I feel so dizzy at that time but still need to eat to keep myself full. The view and the sunset from the café were magnificent. Then, I went to the Lemaing Hut where we sleep and take a rest. Unfortunately, the lower bed of the bunk beds was fully occupied and I have to climb up to the upper bed. Too bad for my sore legs. The hut doesn’t provide hot water since the power cable problem in 2009 and you have to endure with the cold water..haha.

Back to my dizziness, I am a person who don’t really love to take any medication and I think the last time I went to clinic was more than 10 years ago. Having said that, I don’t want the dizziness to affect my journey tomorrow and I decided to take paracetamol and straightly went to sleep at 8.00 pm.

At 12.30 am, I woke up to prepare for the hike and feel better as the dizziness has relieved. We get ourselves prepared and assembled at the resthouse to get our supper. Then, after the briefing, we started our journey at 2.45 am. We were really happy that the weather was excellent. Many of our group was actually on 2nd time in an attempt to reach the summit as the first one was thwarted by the bad weather.

The winding stairs

The journey towards Sayat-Sayat Checkpoint (3668m, 1km from Pana Laban) was quite challenging as some parts were steep and you have to climb at the rocky area. You need to be extra careful and for me, it is better to hold the rope provided along the journey as you may slip at the slippery area especially at the water flow area.

The stairs are actually a big help for me but not really for others.

All hikers must reach Sayat-Sayat Checkpoint before 5.30 am and if you reach later than that, hikers won’t be allowed to continue to the peak. I managed to reach Sayat-Sayat Checkpoints around 4.30am. The weather was good as we can see the constellation of stars and it was not windy at all. At some part, we started to take off our jacket and glove as it started to feel warm.

Santa spellbound by the view.
Spot the hikers.
The prominent peaks among many.
Nice view.
South peak illuminated.
South peak at the far right.
With our guide, Pak Jamin.
Almost there.
Memory with South Peak.

Then, we continue our journey to the final destination. We passed the South Peak when the Sun was about to rise and it was breathtaking. The view at the plateau was awesome. The journey from the South Peak to the Low’s Peak was quite sluggish for me as I took many photos of rock formation along the way. The last part which is to climb to Low’s Peak was quite a struggle for me. Finally, we reached the Low’s Peak at 6.45 am. I was overwhelmed and felt much grateful.

Mission accomplished.

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