One thing that I very apparent here is Kiwis are very friendly. They will try to assist you for anything and they will ask about your day and wish well and I encountered this every single time regardless dealing at hostel, train and groceries shop. You can feel the warm Manaakitanga or hospitality in your daily activities over there.

The lady at the cafe of Northern Explorer Train keeps asking me about my lunch as I did not take lunch as yet. I just have coffee and brownies as there was no halal food for lunch on the train. And.. it was totally my fault coz not put proper planning.

When I reached Wellington, it went beyond midnight and the lady at the reception treat us very friendly even though she looks very tired. She still smiles and treat us nicely.

The guy at the counter of the groceries shop asked about my well being for the day even though I just bought small mineral water.

This is the thing that we can learn from Kiwis. Malaysian are friendly but we can do better. Kudos.

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