IJM Allianz Duo Highway Challenge is the event that I join every year due to two reasons. The first is this is the only running event that takes place entirely on the highway which is at New Pantai Expressway (NPE) E10 and Besraya Highway (Besraya) E9.

Secondly, this event is organized by IJM Corporation Berhad which I used to work with for 7 years and I was one of the recipients of IJM Scholarship during my first tertiary study. In fact, I have involved in the construction of the highway itself which is Besraya. Hence, I am very fond of this event.

This year, run at NPE take place on 14 July 2019. The starting line is in front of Sunway Pyramid. There is 2 distance for this event which is 21km and 10km. The event for 21km started at 5.30 am.

The running tee and finisher tee for 21km.

I really enjoyed the route even though the elevation is quite substantial for me as we need to cruise through several bridges. The elevation near Pantai Sentral Park is quite challenging.

Route for 21km.
Quite a merriment at 5.00 am.

I met many of my ex-colleague of IJM. It was fun to meet and reminiscing old time during my tenure at IJM.

Bumped with ex-colleague.
At the starting point.
Big numbers of participants.
Right before flag off.
Enjoy The Run.
At the Toll Plaza PJS5
Nice view.
At Pantai Sentral Park.
Towards finishing line.
The finishing tee and medal.

Overall, it was well organized but there was a major let down which is the finisher tee received is totally different from the website.

I will share on the run at Besraya after the run which scheduled on 24th August 2019. Bye!!!

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