At the starting point.

Gunung Angsi is located in Tanjung Ipoh, Kuala Pilah with a height of 824m. It is the third highest peak in Negeri Sembilan after Gunung Datuk and Gunung Bintongan. The trail is about 4.5 km in length.

It is actually located at Hutan Rekreasi Ulu Bendul and become one of the popular spots as it is just one hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur. There is another trail to hike Gunung Angsi which is from Ulu Bendul. The track is longer which is 7km.

The fee.

The fee for the permit is RM 5 and please come before 11.30 am as if you come later than that, you would not be allowed to enter as you might end up descend down the mountain in dark.

The elevation.

There are ample facilities at the starting point at Bukit Putus such as toilet, surau and eating place. So, rest assured!

The rules.
The guide.
The staircase at the starting point.

The starting is quite steep.

If you take the Bukit Putus trail, the trail is quite steep at the beginning and begin to gentle at the middle and intermittent of steep and flat towards the peak.

Be careful
The trail at the beginning.
Getting gentle
yeah, total flat!
The makeshift resting place.
The line up.
OK, steep again.
This merely exaggerated.
This is actually to help the hikers during heavy rain.
Flat again.
The view at the half way.
Enjoying the view.
At the Wild Boar Swamp.
18 mins to summit.

After 1 hour and 45 minutes, we reached the summit. Yeahhh

The mandatory at the summit. Hot Coffee !!
At the marker.
It was scorching hot at the peak.

At the peak, you may see Gunung Datuk, Gunung Tampin, Gunung Berembun and Gunung Telapak Buruk from far.

Going back.

By large, the hiking was fun even though the weather is sweltering hot at the peak. This gunung is suitable for the beginner as the trail is not too steep and it takes about 2 to 3 hours only.

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