Train of KRL meets KA Bandara at Duri Station

KRL is a rail system that serves for people in Greater Jakarta or JABODETABEK. KRL stands for Kereta Rel Listrik or Electrified Train. This system offers 6 integrated commuter lines with 80 stations and stretching to more than 400km. I, myself love to travel by using local public transportation. Hence, this is the service that I really looking forward to while traveling in Jakarta.

At one of the busiest station which is Stasiun Tanah Abang

This service offers 6 integrated commuter lines that are marked by different colours. The lines are:

  • Jakarta Kota-Bogor (Red Line)
  • Jatinegara-Bogor (Yellow Line)
  • Tanah Abang-Rangkasbitung (Green Line)
  • Jakarta Kota-Cikarang (Blue Line)
  • Duri-Tangerang (Brown Line)
  • Jakarta Kota-Tanjung Priok (Pink Line)
Route of KRL

The headway of the train is 5-10 minutes and for me, it is very convenient. There are 3 types of ticketing which are Tiket Harian Berjaminan (THB) or Single-Journey Card, Kartu Multiple Trip(KMT) or Multiple Journey Ticket and banks-issued cards such as Mandiri, BNI and BCA. You may get the tickets at the counters and vending machine C-VIM.

Tiket Harian Berjaminan (THB)
The queue at Loket.

There is also coaches for ladies at the first and last coach for every train. This would enable the ladies to travel safely and conveniently.

At Stasiun Duri.
Stasiun Duri is under further improvement work.
Make sure you are at the right Peron (platform).
KA Bandara spotted at Stasiun Duri.
Make sure you are not entering ladies coach.
At Stasiun Tanah Abang.

At every station, there are a lot of shops and food places for you to choose and at the outside area of the stations, you may find a lot of local traders selling their foods, daily items, and clothes. Full of merriment!!!

Kopi Kulo
The local traders.

I love to travel this way as you can see the daily hustle and bustle of local people. For sure you will have to endure the big numbers of passengers but believe me, it will give you unforgettable good memories. You may go to the website of KRL for more info. Tengs!!!

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