Kereta Api Bandara
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There are many options for people to go to the city center of Jakarta and the latest option is Kereta Api (KA) Bandara Soekarno-Hatta. The service embarked the operation in 2017 and it has cut substantial time if using the local road to Jakarta.

Stasiun Bandara Soekarno-Hatta.
Route KA Bandara Soekarno-Hatta.

There are 6 stations for this service which is SHIA, Batu Ceper, Duri, BNI, Manggarai and Bekasi. The journey from SHIA station to BNI station takes approximately 55 minutes.

The schedule.

The headway of the train is 30 minutes with train from SHIA station operates from 6.20am to 11.20pm and the train from BNI station operates from 4.51 am to 9.51pm.

The train is very comfortable along the way and you will enjoy the view and activities of local people along the route. Most of the time, it will cut through the dense dwelling area and you can see the bustling activities of the local people.

Well upkeep.
The train is clean and spacious.
On the way to Stasiun Duri.
The dense dwelling.

There is no cash transaction for ticket and can only buy the ticket using the credit card and debit card at the vending machine at stations and Railink app.

Automated Ticket Machine
The ticket.
The feature in Railink app. Looks like got discount for this month.
Final statement before makes a purchase.
Discount for the month of July 2019
Method of payment using application and website.
Method of payment through an automated ticket machine.

The two newly constructed stations for this service is SHIA station and BNI station. SHIA station is modern and well-equipped with many facilities. It is very convenient for me and you will never get bored while waiting for the train as the waiting lounge is very comfortable.

Station Bandara Soekarno-Hatta.
The cosy waiting lounge.
Waiting comfortably.

For information, the location of Duri station is not in line from SHIA station to Bekasi station and it will make a detour from the route and reverse back to continue the journey. So, don’t be confused ya.

Stasiun Duri
When KRL meets KA Bandara.
At Duri Station.

By large, it is very convenient and comfortable service but I noticed the train quite empty as not many use it. I think they prefer to use DAMRI bus to go to Jakarta. This has actually become the limelight at the local authority as they previously have reduced the price from SHIA station to Duri Station from IDR 100,000 to IDR 70,000 due to low ridership. Hopefully, this condition will improve substantially in the future.

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