DAMRI bus operating all over JABODETABEK.

Most of my entry about Jakarta mentioned JABODETABEK. What it is actually? It is actually an area of Greater Jakarta. JABODETABEK is a term that combines the first two and three letters of the cities. It consists of JA-Jakarta, BO-Bogor, DE-Depok, TA-Tangerang and BEK-Bekasi.

The combined cities of JABODETABEK


In Malaysia, we have Klang Valley that consist of Kuala Lumpur and cities in Selangor. I could not imagine if we combine all the cities into one word. Indonesia is well known for its combined words to the extent that it can be confusing for foreigner and tourists but I found it is unique and fun. You may find the unique combined words in Indonesia in the entry COMBINED.

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