The logo and concept for 2019.

source: fb Twincity Marathon

Twincity Marathon is the first running event that I join for 2019. It is coincidentally held on my birthday, hence, the spirit to run is very high. Twincity Marathon is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year. 

This year, they use number 5 to relate on our daily life. Number 5 is always significant and bring a lot of meaning to our lives as individual. It is the year that we enrolled officially into the learning environment. Number 5 is alos closely asscociated with legendary tale of Malay warrior, Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Kasturi, Hang Lekir and Hang Lekiu. Some of us even grow up watching a team of 5 teenagers fighting evil witch to save Angel Grove from the evil in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Number 5 also depicts the main races in Malaysia which is Malay, Chinese, Indian, and the biggest ethnic in Sabah – Kadazan, and in Sarawak – Iban (while not forgetting other ethnics. The 5-petal hibiscus, with 5 buds on each side of the logo is also to depict prosperity blooming in this country around the lives of its multi-ethnic people. 

The marathon was held on 20th January 2019 and the flag off was at Persiaran Flora, Cyberjaya.

  • Full Marathon – 4.00 am
  • Half Marathon – 5.30 am
  • 12km – 6.30 am
  •  5km – 7.00 am
  • 1km Kids Dash – 5.00 pm, 19th January 2019 (Saturday)
  • Full Marathon – 8 hrs ( 12.00 pm )
  • Half Marathon – 4 hrs ( 9.30 am )
  • 12km – 2 hrs ( 8.30 am )
  • 5km – 1 hr ( 8.00 am )

The prize for the champions are so appealing.

The prize for top champion of Full Marathon

source: fb Twincity Marathon
The prize for top champion of Half Marathon

source: fb Twincity Marathon
The prize for top champion of 12km Run

source: fb Twincity Marathon

The prize for age categories.

source: fb Twincity Marathon

In term of the route, the elevation gain is quite high for me but I think for an avid marathoner, it is just a small ascend.

The route for 5km Run

source: fb Twincity Marathon

The route for 12km Run

source: fb Twincity Marathon

The route for Half Marathon

source: fb Twincity Marathon

The route for Full Marathon

source: fb Twincity Marathon

The running tee for 21km and 42km was in orange colour by PRIME and I found it nice and comfortable.

The running tee for half marathon.

The weather was good during the flag off and we were welcomed with Chinese Drum that further boosts our spirit.

At the starting line.

I just hiked Gunung Ledang in the previous week and I still feel the strain of the hiking. At KM 16, my leg starts to feel sore and I just intermittently run.

Enjoying local delicacies.

source: fb Twincity Marathon

At final 2km, we were served with keropok lekor and other delicacies and the keropok lekor was so sedap and many runners acknowledge it as well. I spend there for almost 3 minutes and don’t care much about my timing. Haha.

Finally, after 3 hours, I reached the finish line. This 3 hours actually include walking at the starting line coz too many runners, toilets, stops for water and pisang, Subuh prayer and 3 minutes keropok lekor. Haha.

My provisional result slip.

This is the beautiful medal and finisher tee. Yeah!

My medal and finisher tee.

The event was well organized and they organizer really look into detail for every aspect. It is very recommended to join this event in the future and really look forward for 2020. Hopefully, I have the gut to join Full Marathon in 2020. Haha.

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