Padang is the capital of West Sumatera and it has a lot to offer. I have been to Padang before but did not have time to explore the city of Padang as it was actually a trip to climb Mount Kerinci that required preparation and focus. Could not loitering around. I really wanted to explore Padang and without much thought, Haha…

The flight to Padang takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes and due to the short distance, did not permit for me to enjoy Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser. So, just have 1 hour of reading time in flight. After about 1 hour, finally, touch down at Minangkabau International Airport. As usual, enjoying Roti O once touch down at Indonesia Airport. Haha..

At Minangkabau International Airport.
As usual, enjoying Roti O once touch down.

I was informed by one of the local there that this airport started its operation in 2005 to replace the Tabing Airport that was no longer meet the requirement in term of safety and coincidentally, it was badly hit by the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake at 9.1 Richter Scale.

My horse at Padang.

There are many ways to go to city of Padang from the Minangkabau International Airport such as Minangkabau Express Airport Train for IRD 10,000, Damri bus for IRD 23,500, Tranex Mandiri for IRD 23,500, taxi such as Bluebird and Express which is about IRD95,000, car rental, and local angkut (van) and there are also locals that offer motorcycle ride to the city. The time taken to travel from the airport to the city is about 30 minutes.

DAMRI bus.


This place is so big.

Masjid Raya Sumatera Barat is the largest mosque in Sumatera and it is located at the junction of Jalan Khatib Sulaiman and Jalan Ahmad Dahlan.

There is no dome for this mosque.

The mosque was designed by local architect Rizal Muslimin as he won the design competition for a new mosque in 2007. The mosque can accommodate 20,000 people at a time.

It is like Rumah Gadang of Minangkabau.

It is obvious that the design of the mosque is adapted from Minangkabau traditional roof. Other than that, it symbolizes the cloth that was held by the four clan leaders of the Quraysh by its corners to lift the Black Stone at the Kaabah.

From the other angle.
Me, trying to emulate the shape. Haha

I always see the Minangkabau Houses back in Negeri Sembilan but I never see Minangkabau roof like this scale. It is so gigantic. Nice!!!.

Masjid Raya at night.
The light subtly illuminate the mosque.


Fave Hotel at Olo Padang.

I chose Fave Hotel for my accommodation. I really recommend this place as it has all the facilities and the view is awesome. My room facing the beach even though it is not located at the beachside, the view is awesome.

View form my room.
My sumptuous dinner.
Heavy downpour is imminent.

This place is not far from the only McDonalds at Padang.

The only McD at Padang.
Nice tray cover with profound message.


At Martabak Djoeragan.

MARDJOE is one of the food that you must try in Padang. The look is like Apam Balik back in Malaysia but it is filled with various fillings such as
tiramisu, matcha, Nutella, Toblerone, cheese, teriyaki, and a lot more.

Follow Instagram page MARDJOE.
The wide selection of menu.
The cute box.
I just order the simple martabak as I just taken my dinner.

The price is IDR18000 – 65000 for the regular and IDR30000-70000 for the big one.


Cute cup and Arabica bean.

Wherever I go, I will search for coffee. Then, I found Kubik Koffie, such a nice place to hang out and enjoy the coffee. This place is located at Jalan Olo Ladang, very near to my hotel. The coffee was good and the ambiance of the cafe was awesome.

The brewery place.

It is a place where you can have a long conversation with your buddy while sipping the coffee.

Cup for take away.
The signage is conspicuous and easy to locate.


In front of the beautiful museum.

Museum Adityawarman is the state museum that exhibits the ethnographic of Padang particularly the Minangkabau culture. The museum is named after Adityawarman, ruler of Malayapura, Padang.

At one of the Rangkiang.

This museum is actually a ‘Rumah Gadang’ (tradiotional Minangkabau house) and is flanked with two ‘Rangkiang’ which is actually a rice barn used by the people to keep the rice. This is the main features that we can spot easily from Minangkabau Traditional House.

This structure is big and the finishing is very detail and beautiful.

The museum was badly damaged by the 7.6 Richter Scale earthquake that hit Padang in 2009. More than 80% of the collection was damaged. That earthquake had caused more than 1000 casualties. Even after 10 years, I still can see the rubble and damage around city of Padang.

The message is very profound.
Rumah Gadang.
The structure is very ‘delicate’.
I was captivated on every element of the structure.


The best place to have coffee. Nice!

Air Manis Beach or Pantai Aia Manih in Bahasa Minang is a well-known spot for relaxing, swimming and picnic. This area is suitable for swimming as it has small wave and the beach area is quite large.

Pulau Pisang amd Pulau Pisang Kecil.

There are a lot of stalls that sell various kind of food and drinks, and you may rent All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) to enjoy the view along the beach.

Leisure time!
Full of activities from selling corn to riding ATV.

The visitors also may rent a motorboat to visit Pisang Kecil and Pisang Besar Islands which are located just a stone’s throw from the beach.

Sirap Bandung with a view.
The red umbrella steal the limelight.
Pulau Pisang Kecil.

Apart from that, Air Manis Beach is associated with a popular old folklore which is Story of Malin Kundang. There is a formation of rock that bears a resemblance of a man in a prostrate position. The story of Malin Kundang is mainly about the unfilial son that abandoned his mother after he had become rich and get married to a beautiful wife. This old folklore is actually popular in Malaysia as well. I will write in detail the story in the next entry.

Formation of rock that bears resemblance of a person in prostrate position. This is believe by local the body of cursed Malin Kundang.

ATV plying around.
This is in Bahasa Minang. I easily understood this as I got relative from Negeri Sembilan.
Evacuation route in case in the event of Tsunami. Be safe!


If you got ample time, you can strolling along Jalan Samudera which a road along the beach as you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beach. Along the road, there are a lot of makeshift stalls that sells finger food, fruits and drinks.

So tranquil.
Along Jalan Samudera.
Kids dipping themselves.


Siti Nurbaya Bridge at night.

Siti Nurbaya Bridge is located at Batang Arau river. This 156-meter long bridge was officiated in 2002 that connects Kota Tua with Seberang Padang.

Calm and tranquil at night.

This bridge was named after Siti Nurbaya. Siti Nurbaya is an old folklore and actually a novel written by Marah Roesli around 1930. It is a love story between Siti Nurbaya and Samsul Bahri and their relationship failed due to the culture at that time. Siti Nurbaya was forced to marry a man who is way much older than her in order to pay the debt of her father. This novel heavily critic the culture and custom of Minangkabau at that time and it had become so popular even in Malaysia. This novel had been reprinted in Malaysia for 11 times.

Batang Arau River.

You may enjoy the sunset at the bridge while enjoying finger food such as pisang kepek, jagung bakar and sate padang that are sold at the vicinity of the area.

Stop for photoshoot.

There is Taman Siti Nurbaya that is located around 500 meter from the bridge. It was named Taman Siti Nurbaya due to presence of a tomb that is believed tomb of Siti Nurbaya. Taman Siti Nurbaya is located at Gunung Padang and from Gunung Padang, you may enjoy the view of Padang from height.

My horse on the bridge.


This trip is only cover a small part of the city and as usual, I manage to go for a few places only. Nevertheless, I will come again to the city and plan to go beyond the city as well which is to the north to Bukit Tinggi, Padang Panjang, Lake Maninjau and Lake Singkarak in the future. Anyhow, this trip actually has broadened my knowledge in many areas and I am very amused about that. It is priceless.

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