Palembang is one of the cities in Indonesia that have piqued my curiosity long time before as back then in school, we have been taught about the mighty Sriwijaya empayar which Palembang was the capital city of the empayar.

One of the oldest cities in The Malay Archipelago and Southeast Asia.

Palembang is the capital city of South Sumatera Province and the second most populated city in Sumatera after Medan which comprises of 1.7 million people. It is the oldest city in Indonesia.

The Land of Sriwijaya and The Capital City of South Sumatera.

As usual, I take Air Asia flight from KLIA and take about 1 hour and 40 minutes to Bandara Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II. Once reached the airport, I leisurely exploring the airport and as usual, will enjoy the Roti O and Cappucino at Roti O Cafe.

Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport
As usual enjoying Roti O once touched down.

My movement around the city centre of Palembang is easy as the city is complemented with rail service which is LRT Palembang.

Pedestrian bridge to Stasiun Bandara.
Nice walkway.

LRT Palembang begins its operation on 1st August 2018 in conjunction with 18th Asian Games which was held in Jakarta and Palembang. It connects Bandara Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II and Jakabaring Sports Complex.

At Stasiun Bandara.
This is actually a terminus station.

It has 13 stations and the fare is separated into 2 categories which are the passenger who rides to and from Bandara and passenger to and from other stations. The fare for the first category is Rp10000 and the second category is Rp5000.

Must buy the card for IDR10,000
Good upkeep and service.

There is a lot of attraction in Palembang and I have listed out quite a lengthy items and places but too bad, due to time constraint, I have to narrow down to few only.

My first target is, of course, the icon of Palembang, Ampera Bridge. This is always be the first in the list of Palembang.


The Majestic Ampera Bridge.

Ampera Bridge is one of the bridges that crosses Sungai Musi and it has become a major landmark for Palembang a long time ago.

The famous tower.

Ampera Bridge which connects Seberang Ulu and Seberang Ilir was officiated on 30 September 1965 by General Ahmad Yani and it is actually a vertical lift bridge.

Close up to Ampera.

The length of the bridge is 1117 metre with width of 22metre and the height of the towers is 63 metre from the ground. The bridge was previously named Bung Karno Bridge but had been renamed to Ampera after his fall. Ampera stands for ‘Amanah Penderitaan Rakyat’ which is the slogan that is used by President Sukarno during his tenure for the betterment of the people.

Ticked off the list. Yay!!!

The center span previously could be lifted for 10 meter in 1 minute but it is no longer possible as the time taken to completely lift the center span which takes about 30 minutes had caused a tremendous traffic jam and due to several technical reasons.

There are 5 numbers of bridge that cross Sungai Musi but Ampera Bridge is the most popular.

As a project engineer involved in bridge construction projects, this figure really draw my attention. Too bad, I manage only went to Ampera and missed the other bridges. Sokay, next time. Will come again.

LRT and Ampera are just side by side.

The colour of the bridge has changed 3 times which is grey, yellow and finally to red.

My interest.

You can reach Ampera Bridge by easily by taking LRT as the station named Ampera is just located adjacent to the bridge.

At Stasiun Ampera.
The stations of LRT Palembang.
Stasiun Ampera.


At the river bank of Musi.
The boats and sampan.

Visit to Palembang would not complete if you do not take a stroll along Sungai Musi. Sungai Musi is the 2nd longest river in Sumatera which is 750km. The local really depends on water transport at Sungai Musi in their daily life. You may explore Sungai Musi in many ways such as by sampan (antiquated boat), speedboat and ship.

Colourful boats.



Monpera stands for ‘Monumen Perjuangan Rakyat’ as it was built to commemorate the struggle of local people against the Dutch. It is located adjacent to the Great Mosque of Palembang and very near to Ampera Bridge.

This place is gigantic.

The monument basically has a shape of jasmine flower and it represents the purity of soldiers’ heart. It also comes with 5 sides which each of the sides represents the residencies of South Sumatra. The monument also features 9 different paths as it is the symbol of unity or harmony.

Chest of Garuda Pancasila.
At the corner.

Monpera is big. It has a height of 17 meters, has 8 levels and 45 lanes. Each of the numbers represents the country’s Independence date, which is 17 August 1945. You may learn a lot pertaining to the history of Palembang at Monpera and the entrance fee is very cheap.

At the top of MONPERA.
You can see Musi Bridge VI which is under construction.


This mosque is also known as Masjid Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II. This is the largest mosque in South Sumatera and the third largest in Sumatera after Grand Mosque of West Sumatera and Great Mosque of Pekanbaru.

The Great Mosque of Palembang.

This mosque is located at Bundaran Air Mancur Palembang and near to Ampera LRT Station.


Museum Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II is the best place to explore the history of Palembang. It is located at the river bank of Sungai Musi near the Ampera Bridge.

Museum of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II.

The design of the museum is the combination of Dutch and Palace of Palembang.

This museum exhibits various collections ranging from archeology, ethnography, biology, arts and collection of currencies. You can learn more on the Kedukan Bukit Inscription which is the oldest surviving specimen of Malay language.


The hustle and bustle of Pasar 16 Ilir.

Pasar 16 Ilir is the biggest market in Palembang. You may find wide ranges of goods from clothes, accessories and daily essentials. Most of the goods are sell in wholesale and because of that, the price is cheap. This market has a long history as it was established in 1821.


You may travel around Palembang by using angkot (mini van), becak (bicycle cart), taxi, ojek (motorcycle ride) bus and LRT.

The name of the bus system is TransMusi. There are two types of buses, the green and the blue one, with different routes and there is one bus hub at Ampera Bridge that you can go there to catch the bus.

If you prefer comfort, just take the LRT. It is so convenient and the fare is reasonable as well.


My accommodation at Palembang is at Zuri Express at Jalan Dr. Muhammad Isa, Duku, Palembang which is located not far from Ampera Bridge.

Zuri Express Hotel.

I really recommend this place as it is worth for your money and got many facilities for your comfort.

Ayo Kamu Bisa!!!
Good food.


Pempek Palembang


Pempek is a popular local delicacy and you may find Pempek at the nook and cranny of Palembang. It is made from fish and tapioca and served with vinegar sauce. It is usually eat with noodles and slices of cucumber.

It usually served in dumpling form but can be found in many other form such as pempek kapal selam, pempek kerinting, pempek telur kecil and pempek lenjer.


There are many other attractions that I did not go due to time constraint but definitely will come again. I will write about the other attractions in the next entry for info sharing. Thank you.

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