Lake Toba is a large natural lake in Indonesia occupying the caldera of a supervolcano. The lake is about 100 kilometres long, 30 kilometres wide, and up to 505 metres deep. Located in the middle of the northern part of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, with a surface elevation of about 900 metres. It is the largest lake in Indonesia and the largest volcanic lake in the world.

Lake Toba is the site of a massive supervolcanic eruption estimated at VEI 8 that occurred 69,000 to 77,000 years ago.

Sisingamangaraja VII International Airport

Sisingamangaraja VII International Airport

Air Asia has introduced flight direct to Danao Toba beginning 29th October 2018 which is to Sisingamangaraja VII International Airport or known as Silangit International Airport that located at Siborongborong, North Tapanuli. Hence, we don’t need to go to Medan anymore that take about 6 hours to go to Danau Toba. Furthermore, the flight fare is super cheap which is RM39 and it was a good purchase.

Our flight.

Air Asia fly to Sisingamangaraja VII International Airport 4 times a week and it take about 55 minutes for the journey.

The journey was smooth with a full occupancy of the flight. Once we landed at the airport, we can feel the breeze of the area as it is located at quite a high area. The airport is basically still in expansion as the immigration counter is located at makeshift big tent. Anyhow, it is not a big deal and still feel comfortable.

The journey

There are a lot of interesting attractions at Lake Toba and we have list out about 15 locations that we want to go. Anyhow, from the beginning, we know that 3 days and 2 nights is not sufficient and we scale down to only few places and wanted to go again adamantly in the future.

Lake Toba is very big and it will take quite sometime to reach from one place to another. In addition, the area is hilly and the road is narrow and winding. Hence, we need to plan our journey carefully.


For our accommodation, at the beginning it is quite difficult for us to decide for the suitable and best one because there are pros and cons for each location. After a long contemplate, we have decided to stay at Taman Simalem Resort.

At 1,200 metres above sea level the stunning view of Lake Toba will take your breath away and at the same time you will feel the breeze of the highland. The area of the resort is vast which is at 206-hectare estate and there are many types of accommodation that you may enjoy. There are a lot of activities that you may enjoy at the sprawling vast resort.

Menara Pandang Tele

Menara Pandang Tele.

The journey from Sisingamangaraja VII International Airport to Taman Simalem Resort takes about 3 hours and 45 minutes by car. Along the wayAt the half way of the journey, we divert our route to Menara Pandang Tele that located at at Jalan Tele, enroute to Pulau Samosir. The observation tower was officiated on 1988 and it has 4 floors for you to enjoy the view. The entrance fee is only Rp 2000 per person.

Samosir is actually really close to this location.

The view of Lake Toba is magnificent from the fourth floor of the tower and you may see Gunung Pusuk Buhit which is the birthplace of Batak Tribe at the left and the winding Jalan Tele-Pangururan at the further down.

When earth meets sky.

Enroute to Taman Simalem Resort

Then, we continue our journey to Taman Simalem Resort which is for another 2 hours. The road towards Taman Simalem Resort which is Jalan Dolok Sanggul and Jalan Sisingamangaraja is quite narrow and winding and some stretch is quite in poor state. Hence, you must be extra vigilant along the journey. Having said that, the view along the journey was very tranquil and serene. You could not sight Lake Toba along the road but the panorama of village and farmland is picturesque. Along the journey, you will spot many churches as most people of Batak Tribe practice Christianity. After two hours, we finally reached Taman Simalem Resort at 6.30 pm.

Taman Simalem Resort

You can see that the level of the cloud is almost the same with your position.
You actually can travel along the bank of the lake.

We choose Taman Simalem Resort due to one main thing. The view. For me, the best view of Lake Toba is from Taman Simalem Resort. It is located at 1200m above sea level and the location is the best as it is located at the northern part of Lake Toba that will give you the farthest view of Lake Toba.

Accomodation in Taman Simalem Resort

There are two main type of accommodation at the resort named Tongging Point and Waterfall Lodge. The Tongging Point is consist of Hotel and Lodge and The Waterfall Lodge is consist of Hotel and Villa. The Waterfall Lodge is located near the entrance and The Togging Point is located facing the Lake Toba.


Taman Simalem Resort is large and basically segregated to 6 areas which is Pengambatan Valley, Karo Agrotourism Farm, Kodon Kodon, Tongging Point and Other facilities such as farms and golf course.

This is the map of Taman Simalem Resort

Pengambatan Valley

  1. Waterfall Lodge Villa
  2. Pengambatan Cafe
  3. Waterfall Lodge Hotel
  4. Waterfall Lodge Reception
  5. Riverside
  6. Animal Farm
  7. Handicraft Centre
  8. Jambur
  9. Adventure Zone
  10. Nursery
Our accomodation at Waterfall Lodge Hotel.

Karo Agrotourism Farm

  1. Labyrinth
  2. Toba Cafe
  3. Plaza Pearl of Lake Toba
  4. Agro Hall
  5. Agro Mart & Cafe

Kodon Kodon

  1. Kodon Kodon Cafe
  2. Ranger Station
Kodon-Kodon Cafe.
Lunch with spectacular view at Kodon-Kodon Cafe.

Tongging Point

Jump of joy at Tongging Point.
  1. Tongging Point Lodge A
  2. Tongging Point Hotel
  3. Tongging oint Lodge B
  4. Teahouse
  5. Tongging Point Reception
  6. Tongging Mart and Cafe
  7. Archery Zone
  8. Convention Hall and Amphitheatre
  9. Musholla
  10. Chapel
Partial of the building is still under construction.
At the top of Tongging Point Hotel
Tongging Point Hotel
Tongging Point Teahouse.
Having breakfast with the magnificent view at Teahouse.
The big Amphitheatre.

One Tree Hill

  1. One Tree Hill
  2. One Tree Hill cafe
  3. Outdoor Hall
The view from One Tree Hill.
Hydrangea are all over the place.
View from One Tree Hill.
Nice antiquated boat.


  1. Entrance
  2. Security Potal
  3. Welcome Gate
  4. Management Office
  5. Buddhist Temple
  6. Passion Fruit Farm
  7. Loquat Farm
  8. Orange Farm
  9. Sidompok Camping Ground
  10. Twin Waterfalls
  11. Gorat Ni Padang 9-Hole Golf Course
  12. Coffee Farm
  13. Tea Farm
  14. Fountain of Wealth
  15. Helipad

Price for the activities (the guest and non-guest)


Jungle Tracking, Lake View Track, Mountain Biking, Traditional Archery, Paintball, 9-hole Golf, Bonfire, Yoga, Lost in Labyrinth, Sunrise Watching, Pond Fishing, Laze by Riverside, Massages, Sightseeing tour at Togging and Samosir Island, Organic Farm Tour, Coffee/Tea Processing and Tasting, Green Fingers, Floral Arrangement, Tea Planting, Animal Farm, Pony Riding, Picnic by Riverside, Nature Art, Circuit Games, Bike Rental, Pizza Making, A Day in the Life of a Farmer, Juice Making, Bonfire, Karaoke, Tree Planting and Nature Art

Hence, your stay at this resort will full with activities and you may enjoy it just within the area of the resort.

View from Teahouse
At the lawn.
Watching the sunrise at Amphitheatre.
Toilet with the spectacular view.
Its going to rain soon.
Your position is actually almost the same with the cloud at the far end.
At One Tree Hill. Literally.
Sitting at the tree which this area got its name.
View from Kodon-Kodon Cafe.
Hydrangea is easily found here due to low temperature.
Enjoying the ride.
Not for people with Acrophobia.
Kinda scary.
Be careful.
LOVE the view.
The effort that counts..haha
On top of Tongging Point Hotel
At the top of Tongging Point Hotel.
Enjoying the view.
At the Amphitheatre for sun rise watching.
Bukit Gajah Bobok at the far end.
Can’t get enough with the view.


There are 5 restaurants that you may go and indulge the food. The restaurants are Kodon-Kodon Cafe, Teahouse, Pengambatan Cafe, Toba Cafe and Agro Cafe.


The treatment from the staff was very good and they always offer for help. It was very excellent and makes the stay convenient and comfortable.

Sipiso-piso Waterfall

At the entrance of Sipiso Piso Waterfall

Sipiso-piso waterfall, is one of the tallest waterfall in Indonesia with height of 120m. The name Sipiso-piso mean ‘like a knife’ due to the height of the waterfall that looks like a sharp knife. This waterfall is uniquely formed by a small underground river of the Karo Plateau and flows out into the Lake Toba.

The way down to the waterfall.
The spectacular view of Sipiso Piso Waterfall.

You may enjoy the view from far which is at the observation area or you can go down through the track until at the bottom of the waterfall. It is so worth it.

Take a breather with the view.


Lake Toba is so big and I was actually underestimate the journey from one place to another. As I mentioned, my itinerary actually consist of 15 attractions but just managed to go to 3 places only.

I will definitely come to Lake Toba again to explore more the area and I will share about my itinerary on the next write up.

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