Whenever there is an event at the northern part of peninsular like Penang, Kedah and Perlis, I would prefer to take flight rather than driving all the way up to the north. One problem ensue after that. Searching for car rental.


Previously, I had rented an Axia at Alor Setar from a car rental company and it was a good experience. I also had rented motorcycle at Georgetown last 2 months. For this time, I am going to attend my friend’s wedding at Yan, Kedah and I have decided to rent a car through apps which is GoCar.

Renault Captur

I take a flight to Penang as it is way much cheaper compared to Alor Setar and going to take GoCar at Penang.


The location of the GoCar around KL.

The installation and registration of the apps was so easy and did not take much time. The detail required is your full name, email address and telephone number. Then, you must upload your selfie photo with driving license. I am very happy with the upload as it was smooth and not like my previous experience with other apps that keep rejecting my selfie due to not fulfill their requirement which I believe I had done.


Almera and Renault Captur are the popular option.

Nissan Almera, Renault Captur, Nissan Navara, Renault Koleos, Nissan Serena and Nissan Grand Livina are the cars avilable for you to choose.

The rate for me is reasonable such as for Nissan Almera is RM8.90 per hour, Renault Captur is RM12.90 and Nissan Serena is RM24.90.

At this time of writing, GoCar is available at 6 locations which is at KL, Selangor, Penang, Johor Bahru, Langkawi and Putrajaya. Hopefully it would expand in the future.


This is my booking.

For my trip, I have booked the Renault Captur two weeks early for two days and I choose Shell Station at Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah near Queensbay for the pick up. The booking and payment is also easy and smooth.


The car is park at the designated location at the petrol station.

When I reached the petrol station, the car is park at the front of the petrol station with flag and signage of GoCar.

The car will be unlocked 10 minutes before the booked period started. Before you start to use the car, the apps will require you to take photos of the right and left side of the car and upload it.

The right side of the car.
The left side of the car.

You may upload more photos including the interior just to provide more info to the system.

You may upload multiple photos.
The mileage.
The interior.

In addition, you may report any dented part, the condition of the tyres and other things that you find unusual. You also must confirm the level of petrol that left by the previous user as indicated in the apps.

You must confirm the level of the fuel left by previous user.

Tadaaa !!! Off you go. It is so simple as you do not need to put down signature on any paper.

There will be no key available. You will lock and unlock the car through SmartKey at your apps in your phone. So, make sure your phone is fully charged.

Lock the car using SmartKey at the app.

It was a good drive for two days using this car and I didn’t encounter any problem. If you have any emergency, just call the GoCar hotline number.

This is the Hotline number phone any emergency case.

Quick stop at Sungai Dua rest area.

When it is the time to relinquish the car, I just go to the Shell petrol station where I took the car before and park at the designated location.

The designated parking for GoCar

To end the ride, I was required to take photos of the right side and left side of the car and report the level of petrol left. There is no requirement how much petrol should I retain when relinquish the car. The finally action is to press END TRIP. Then, the car will be locked automatically and you may no longer have the control on the car.

They are also promo and offer from time to time and you can check it at the apps.

Refer and Earn
New location promo.

To encapsulate, the total experience was convenience. smooth and worth your money. It is fully recommended.

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