There is a quite popular ballad song in Malay which is Cinta Pantai Merdeka by a popular band Jinbara. The lyric mentioned 3 famous locations at Kedah which is Gunung Jerai, Tanjung Dawai and Pantai Merdeka. Coincidentally, my friend’s wedding happened near all these places.

I was in Kedah last week to attend my friend’s wedding at Yan, Kedah and the kampung is located near to Gunung Jerai. The view is awesome as the area is surrounded by paddy field and Gunung Jerai as the background. Since we were at the wedding reception and had not much time, we just managed to snap a few photos at the kampung.

The paddy field at Sungai Limau Dalam with Gunung Jerai at the back.

Then, we went up to Gunung Jerai until The Regency Jerai Hill Resort. Gunung Jerai is the second highest mountain in Kedah after Mount Bintang. Gunung Jerai, with the height of 3,854 feet (1,175 m) stands at the border of Kuala Muda and Yan districts.

This is the view from The Regency Jerai Hill Resort. You can see the paddy fields and Pulau Bunting at Strait of Malacca.

Gunung Jerai is unique because it rises steeply from the surrounding flat paddy fields and the seaside as most of the mountain in Malaysia located at the mountain ranges. It is also suggesting that it was an island a long time ago, named Pulau Serai. At the old days, Gunung Jerai became the direction guide for fisherman and seafarer at Strait of Malacca.

Photograph session.
We were lucky as the view is clear.

The Regency Jerai Hill Resort is located at 1200m above sea level. The resort is actually located almost at the top of Gunung Jerai. It is a 4-star resort with 75 rooms with chalet theme with the price starting from RM298. The view from the resort is awesome as you can see the paddy fields, Malacca Straits and Pulau Bunting.

At the Restoran Puncak Kedah.

The resort is also full of Hydrangea flowers as the temperature at that level is quite low, suitable for the blooming of the flower. Then, we enjoyed our coffee at Restoran Puncak Kedah with a fantastic view.

Pantai Tanjung Dawai.

Then after we spend about 1 hour at the resort, we make our way to Tanjung Dawai which is located about 1 hour from the resort. Tanjung Dawai is a fishery village that is located 30km from Sungai Petani. It is well known for the salted fish and dried seafood product.

Arked Tanjung Dawai.
There are a lot of shops selling dried seafood products.
Keropok Lekor Tanjung Dawai.
Reasonable price.
Lots of anchovies.
Heaven for ladies.

You also can enjoy the delicious fresh seafood at the restaurants along the road at Tanjung Dawai. In addition, the sunset view at the beach is so beautiful. Get ready with your camera!

Nice view of sunset.

Btw, the word ‘Dawai’ originated from Siamese language which is Than Wai which means ‘Front Defence Location’. It makes total sense because it is located at the downstream of Sungai Merbok and near to Malacca Straits.

Pantai Merdeka is located opposite of the Tanjung Dawai which is at the other side of Sungai Merbok. The easiest way to Pantai Merdeka is by boat with the fare of RM5 and take about 5 minutes.

Jetty Tanjung Dawai.
Boat to Pantai Merdeka.

If you want to go to Pantai Merdeka via road, it will take quite some time as you will need to travel quite far. Pantai Merdeka is a place where the locals relaxing and have leisure time with family. Having mentioned that, we missed the last boat to Pantai Merdeka and just watching from afar.

By and large, it was a simple outing but very fun and interesting. Look forward to come here again!

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