View of Gunung Datuk from Kampung Batang Nyaamor.

Gunung Datuk is located at Rembau, Negeri Sembilan and to be more precise is at Kampung Batang Nyamor, 21km from Pekan Rembau.

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It is the highest peak in Negeri Sembilan. Gunung Datuk is 884m high and it is one of the popular mountains among the beginners and also for training place for hikers who are preparing for competition. If you are driving to the trailhead, the GPS coordinate is N2.54333 E102.16910.

The route to the peak.
The hikers will encounter this stream at the beginning of the hike.
Selamat Datang.

This mountain has many names and spellings. The most widely used are Gunung Datuk and Gunung Dato ‘. Some people also called it Gunung Rembau, Gunung Datuk Rembau and Mount Beradat.

This is the place where Daerah Rembau got its name which is from Pokok Merbau which was found at the area of Gunung Datuk.

For Gunung datuk itself, it got its name from Datuk Perpatih Nan Sebatang, who introduced the “Adat Perpatih” system when Negeri Sembilan was ruled by the Minangkabau. Datuk Perpatih Nan Sebatang used Gunung Datuk as an assembly place to gather all leaders for the election of future Dato’ Lembaga (clan chief). So, you can imagine how fit the Datuks were.

The fee for the various activities are as follows:

  • Hiking= RM5 per person
  • Camping= RM3 per tent
  • Tent Rental (for 4 person)= RM5 for each tent
  • Chalet= RM50 per night/RM30 for ½ day

The fee for climbing guide are as follows:

  • Less than 20 person=RM60
  • 20 – 50 person RM120
  • More than 50 person RM180
The beginning of the hiking.

The starting point of the climb is around 80m above sea level and it indicates that the actual height climbed is 800m. The distance for one way is about 2.3 km and it takes around 2 hours to ascend and 1 hour 15 minutes to descend.

The sprawling roots are good for the hiking but must be careful not to stumble upon it.

The path is pretty well defined all the way and in my opinion, guide is not needed but ultimately, it depends on individual as there were a lot of cases where hikers were lost.

The gradient is quite steep from the beginning.

After about 45 minutes, we came to the first and only Check Point named ‘CP1- Pondok’ which is basically just an empty space without prominent structure or markers.

The signage here indicates the distance from the starting point to the peak.

After taking enough rest, we proceed the journey to the peak. The gradient is still steep and challenging.

There are a lot of big and towering trees like this.

When you see a few numbers of big rocks, it indicates that you are very near to the peak. Hence, when you see the big rocks, just continue to the peak.

The gradient of the hike.
The big rock near the peak.
You are approaching the peak when you see this big rock.

For the hikers with acrophobia, please don’t be fret as the old stairs had been replaced with proper stairs.

The authority has provided proper stairs to the peak.

Look out for a footstep-shaped in one of the boulders which are said belong to the legendary Hang Tuah where he jumps from Gunung Datuk to Tanjung Tuan which is located near Port Dickson. Having said that, at that time, the footprint was filled with sand and seems like hidden.

The proper stairs to ease the hiking. The previous stairs were flimsy and not fully secured.
The big rock is the peak of Gunung Datuk.

I think everyone must be extra vigilant when wandering around on the rocks at the top as there is no fencing surround the area and if you inadvertently stumble at the area, you might fall more than 20 meter to the ground below. The area become more dangerous when the crowd is big as people squeeze for space.

The scenery at the peak.
The weather was good.

Just bear in mind, be careful while descending as it is quite steep and it will be a hard work for the knees and leg muscles.

The happy faces.
The view was awesome.
Gunung Datuk with the height of 884m.
At the highest rock.
One of the unique features at the peak.
Nescafe is a must for everytime.

After about 1 hour spending at the peak, we start to descend and found out that the descend is quick but pity to my feet and legs.

Thank you and see you again.

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