Unlike Malaysia, fuel price changes every day in New Zealand. It is vital to know the price for your travel. The price of the fuel differs between towns or areas. The price is mostly cheaper at town compare to outskirt or rural area. Hence, you must plan your refueling in order to stay within your budget. For instance, if you traveling to West Coast, fuel up at Greymouth and if you traveling at Southland, fuel up at Invercargill.

The main fuel providers in New Zealand are Z Energy, Mobil, BP, Waitomo and Caltex.

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Z Energy Petrol Station

source: www.adventureridingnz.co.nz

For your ease of planning, you may download apps Gaspy. It will help you to gather info on the cheapest price of fuel, nearest petrol station and give you a lot of discounts.

You may locate the petrol stations in the vicinity

You may use the filters to go for specific information

The other twist that you may consider is to leverage on your groceries purchase at local store such as PAK’nSAVE. The best thing is when you spend at PAKā€™nSAVE, you may get discount for petrol at on-site PAK’nSAVE fuel filling stations. It is so worth it. There is also Fuel Up Supermarket Fuel Vouchers when there are no on-site fuel filling stations. You can use the coupon at Z petrol station and you may save 6 cent per litre for every NZD1 that you spent. It is so worth it.

Mobil offers FuelUp offers from New World and Pak 'n Save.
One of the participating petrol stations for Fuel Up Voucher

source: i.stuff.co.nz

You may encounter signboards along the road that inform that the next petrol station is quite far. Hence, you may plan your journey wisely.

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This signage helps you to plan your fueling

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One thing that I feel a little awkward there is, you can fill the fuel without pay first and there is little or no supervision of the workers at all. I found that is very awkward and looks like they have no issue of trust when conducting business. Good one!!!

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