New Zealand is blessed with majestic natural environment and kiwis are really serious in preserving the natural environment. Under Department of Conservation, they have various of code and the main is New Zealand Water Care Code.

At the Lower Shotover , Queenstown

There was an incident that involved our campervan. We were at Lower Shotover Campsite and during that time, we were about to get going. Suddenly, a lady knocked our campervan and questioned us about drops of water that came out from the pipe at the campervan. She warned us and if this matter recurs, she will report to the authority.

One of the stream spotted near Murchison

When we check thoroughly, there was some leakage from our sink but the water that leak just a little in droplets. Having mentioned that, we still adhered the advice of that lady. It showed how serious they are about conserving the natural environment.

Hence, please take care of the surrounding environment when you are not just in New Zealand, but to any places as it is vital to take good care of our natural environment.

At Lake Pukaki

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