Caravan/campervan is a good way of traveling in New Zealand particularly at South Island. You can travel, rest, sleep, bath and cook in your caravan/ campervan.

Even if you feel that you prefer more on traveling by car and sleep at the hostel/hotel, you must try this at least once. You must experience it particularly traveling in New Zealand. The feeling is awesome.

Selection of caravan/campervan is very crucial for traveling in New Zealand. There are many factors that need to be considered asit would give impact on the cost, comfort and safety. 

1-Number of People

The suitability of the caravan/campervan depends on the numbers of people for your trip.

It is recommended to pick the caravan/campervan bigger than numbers of people on your trip. For example, pick campervan that can accommodate 3 people if you have only 2 people on your trip. It will give more comfort to your trip.

2-Self-Contained (SC) and Non Self-Contained (NSC)

There are 2 types of caravan/campervan which are Self-Contained (SC) and Non Self-Contained (NSC).

Self-contained (SC) caravan/campervan has fresh water tanks, sink, black waste water tank, evacuation hose, rubbish bin and toilet. It must comply with the certification of NZS5465:2001 self-containment of motor caravans and caravans. On the other hand, non self-contained does not possess all those features.

To be more precise, this is the requirement for SC: 

  • Fresh water tanks – 12L per person for three days
  • A sink via a smell trap/water trap connected to a water tight sealed waste water tank
  • Grey/black waste water tank – 12L per person for three days, vented and monitored if capacity is less than the fresh water tank
  • Evacuation hose – (3m for fitted tanks) or long enough to connect to a sealed portable tank
  • A rubbish bin with a lid
  • Toilet – Needs to have a minimum of 3L per person for three days 

You can easily detect the SC at the frontleft side of windscreen where the self-contained certification is located.

Sticker of SC Certification


The main thing about SC is you have the freedom to camping legally at public land where permitted. On the other hand, for NSC, you must park at designated place or otherwise you will be fined NZD 200.

There are advantages and disadvantages of SC and NSC. The selection is based on your preference. Having mentioned that, it is recommended to take SC for your traveling vehicle. 

As a Muslim, it is quite difficult to get Halal food in New Zealand. Hence, you may cook at your kitchen in you SC campervan. 

Self cooked breakfast in our campervan

3-Type of fuel for engine

When you are selecting the most suitable vehicles, you must take consideration on the type of fuel for the engine as it will affect the cost of your traveling. Petrol will cost more but the rental is usually cheaper. It is on contradict with diesel and LPG. Hence, you must make a detail comparison pertaining to this matter.

4-Car transmission

Campervan and motorhome could be either manual or automatic in term of transmission. If you are not familiar with manual, it is advised to pick vehicle with automatic transmission. Having mentioned that, automatic transmission is a little bit expensive.

5-Special promotion or package

Car rental companies usually have other services that related to traveling. For instance, apart from campervan and motorhome, Jucy also offer cruise service at Milford Sound. The best thing is when you rent campervan/motorhome from Jucy, the driver will get 50% off for the cruise at Milford Sound. You can save a lot. So, find the rental that offer many promotions.

JUCY Chaser 3-Berth

Since it was just two of us, we decided to take Jucy Chaser which is SC campervan that can accommodate for 3 people. It has two double beds, a kitchen, shower, toilet and grey water tank.

The detail features are as below:

  • 2 burner gas cooker
  • 50l compressor fridge
  • sink with tap and drain
  • 80 litre fresh water tank
  • 85 litre grey water tank
  • inside table
  • shower
  • toilet
  • cd player and radio
  • 2 bench seats
  • 2 double beds
  • blinds on windows
  • interior 12v lighting
  • power steering
  • air conditioning in cabin
  • dual 12v battery system
  • 240v mains campground hook up
  • cutlery and dinnerware
  • linen, pillows and duvet
  • bath towels and tea towel
  • frying pan, saucepan, kettle and bowls
  • can / bottle opener and kitchen utensils
  • bucket and cleaning equipment
  • aa roadside breakdown assistance
Cooking in our campervan. Sorry for the mess.

The best thing about traveling with Jucy is the colour of the campervan is very conspicuous and for every single time when we encountered Jucy at road, we always acknowledge each other by giving high beam, honking or waiving our hands. Its like a big family even though we didn’t know them. haha

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