Miss Jucy in the morning at Arrowtown Holiday Park

When you are traveling by NSC campervan/caravan, you could not park for overnight anywhere as you wish. You must park at designated places that have been approved by local authorities. Even for SC campervan/motorhome, campsite is really important particularly for power, charging and dump waste.

There are few types of campsite. The main thing that people always look is whether the site is powered or unpowered. The most basic campsite doesn’t have any facilities. Just space for parking. On the contrary, certain big campsite offer various facilities like wifi, kitchen, hot shower, barbeque, laundry, shower, toilet and dump station.

The fee for one person will depend on the facilities and location of the campsite. It can be free and can reach up to NZD 40 for one night.

Our strategy for saving is to alternate between powered and unpowered campsite. It can save a lot. 

The most important app for this is CamperMate. The app is simple but it gives you sufficient information about the option of campsite

As you can see, there are many campsites with different facilities and price around Queenstown. You may book the campsite through this app.

Another excellent app is Rankerz NZ. It is informative and it makes your journey hassle-free.

The indication is so clear and simple and it give a lot of information about the campsite.
The complete guide for traveler like you.

Our favourite campsite is Arrowtown Holiday Park. We stayed there for 4 nights. We were willing to back and forth from Queenstown just to stay here. The park is spacious and it offers a lot of facilities which is well-maintained.

The facilities provided at Arrowtown Holiday Park
This park is able accommodate quite  a large number of caravan
The studio unit for more comfort especially during winter
This studio is suitable for 4 people
The serene morning at Arrowtown Holiday Park
Long term parking facility

Just for sharing, in case you already late and not having any booking to any campsite, you can actually just come in to the park and just parking there at any suitable place. You can settle all the registration and payment tomorrow morning. Even for gated campsite like Arrowtown Holiday Park,they would provide password for the boom gate for any late traveler. It is so convenient.

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